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Tips for Photographing Wedding Cakes

It is very important to me to have beautiful photographs of my cakes. I like to be able to show my clients examples of my work without actually making 10 different cakes for them. In the past I have been able to get images of my work from my clients’ wedding photographers, however I really wanted to be able to take the images myself before the cakes leave my bakery. I recently have some beautiful images of one of my 3-tiered buttercream cakes from Dan Oksnevad of Dan Oksnevad Photography. I loved the images so much I asked him if he would be willing to share a few tips with me so that I could photograph my own cakes. So, in hopes that this will help you too, here are couple of tips for photographing cakes.

Try at least 3 different angles.

Sometimes the most stunning image of a cake is straight-on, eye-level shot. These images fully capture the overall look of the cake. This is the most important picture to have as it gives clients a clear vision of the cake. However, it is important to see other views as well. Oftentimes the cake is not displayed at eye-level so another important view is the view from the top. You can either try to photograph from directly over the cake or above from one of the sides. These images not only capture the cake topper, but also the aesthetics of the cake from the most common point-of-view. Another fun angle is from below eye-level, or from a child’s perspective as I like to say. Shooting up at a cake will make it appear grand and elegant.

Focus on the detail.

So much time goes into creating all the beautiful and intricate details of a cake. It would be a shame not to capture these details as they are an integral part of the cake. Dan recommended having a macro lens to capture these details. Take these images very close to the cake so that a portion of the cake fills the entire frame of the camera. Be sure to take these pictures of multiple details and from multiple angles. In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than the soft lines and subtle dots created with fondant. Don’t forget the cake topper. Even if you partner with the florist to create a topper for the cake it is still a part of the cake you created and very important to a potential customer.

I hope you found these tips helpful in your quest to capture and display and your masterpieces. I know I have found these tips useful and I feel like I have a new love and appreciation for photography. Also, if you are in need of someone to capture your special day, I highly recommend you check out Dan’s portfolio. He is truly a top Minneapolis wedding photographer and will do an amazing job documenting the moments of your wedding day.


How to choose a Wedding Cake Flavor

It is not uncommon to have a bride and groom come into my shop and ask “what kind should I get?” or “what is the most popular type of cake for a wedding?”. While some couples know right away what they want or choose their wedding cake based on their personal preferences, others have no idea where to start and just want a cake, period. I’ve decided to record some of my thoughts on the matter and hope that it will help you and your fiancé choose the perfect cake option for your wedding.

What do the masses like?

While it is not necessary, and quite nearly impossible, to please everyone at the wedding, it is good to consider what most people will enjoy when choosing a wedding cake or dessert. While cake with white frosting or ganache is definitely the most popular option. Not only is it a classic option and very traditional, it is also the most liked flavor of cake. If it seems like to boring an option for you can always spice it up with a flavored filling, such as raspberry, fresh strawberry or even chocolate mousse.

What do YOU like?

It is your special day after all. Do you or your fiancé have a very favorite type of cake? Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with dark chocolate ganache are two other very popular wedding cake flavors that couples choose. Even if your favorite cake is carrot cake but you don’t think it will be very popular, I recommend going with it. Your wedding should reflect you; your personality, your style, and your interests.

When in doubt, layer!

You don’t need to limit yourself to one flavor. You can do a different type of cake for each layer or you can have a smaller official wedding cake and then have a different types of sheet cakes to offer your guests. I once had a couple that ordered a very large 3-tiered cake. The bottom layer was white cake with raspberry filling, the middle was dark chocolate with white chocolate filling (the groom’s favorite) and the top was red velvet with a layer of cream cheese frosting (the bride’s favorite). The whole cake was frosted with a beautiful white ganache that tied the whole thing together.

Make it a party!

The cupcake craze is sweeping the nation. Cupcake bakeries and specialty cupcake shops are popping up all over the place because they are becoming such a popular treat to serve at parties, and weddings are not the exception. The great thing about serving cupcakes is you can choose as many flavors as you would like and the options are endless. Guests love the ability to choose their personal cake and they look adorable stacked up on a cupcake tier display.

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